Compassion Focussed Therapy

What is Compassion Focussed Therapy?

What is Compassion Focussed Therapy?

Do you find you’re able to offer compassion to friends and family but struggle to apply it to ourselves?
Perhaps you may notice self-criticism can be a real struggle. This is very common.
Compassion Focussed Therapy or CFT looks to help us understand why this may be and learn ways to engage in more compassionate relationship with ourselves.

What can CFT Treat?

If you find yourself often being self-critical and speaking very negatively or hardly to yourself, then compassion focussed therapy may be the option for you.

What will happen during our CFT sessions?

Compassion focussed therapy is known as a ‘third-wave’ CBT technique.
We will spend the first few sessions exploring how you may have come to where you at before making action plan together for change in line with your goals.
Knowledge is power; therefore the sessions will always give you something to reflect and work on in between sessions.

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